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Devin Lane is a musician, producer, composer, and educator based in California. He writes and performs as Gentle Return and has toured the US and Canada.

Long bio

I am a musician, producer, composer, and educator based in California. I write and perform as Gentle Return and have toured the US and Canada.

I have strong experience in teaching, project management, marketing, writing, instruments/voice, composing, sound design, recording engineering & mixing, and Spanish. I also actively work on programming, Max/MSP/Jitter, and several languages including Mandarin Chinese, Persian, and French.

I hold a BA in English and a minor in music from UC Santa Barbara. Some of the people I studied with are Kay Young, Curtis Roads, Christopher Jette, and Matthew Wright.

I am fluent in Spanish, studied in Spain, and have traveled extensively in Latin America. I have lived in Spain, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

As a writer, I write poetry and lyrics for music. Professionally, I have written for businesses, including websites, marketing, social media, and branding.

I write, produce, and compose music for a podcast Next Topic.

I have composed music and sound design for video games and podcasts.

I teach music for schools in the Bay Area and mentor a select group of private students.


If you have an opportunity or a project that you believe is an appropriate fit, you may contact me at