Devin Lane

Musician | Producer

Composer | Sound Designer

Devin lane makes music and audio experiences

Audio Engineering & Video assistant

Working with Michael Michael Motorcycle and George Rosenthal at The Complex San Francisco

composition & production

Composition, Sound Design, & implementation

composition, videography, & Max/MSP Programming

Composition & Videography

Interactive Audio/Visuals

Performance & songwriting

Performance, songwriting & production

composition, production & videography

Songwriting & Performance

"2 Real 2 Talk" by Real Real Talk

Songwriting & Performance

"Real Real Talk" by Real Real Talk

audio engineer & producer

"Honey & Zest" by Eileen Torrez

Devin Lane is a music and audio professional based in San Francisco, California.

His work includes:


Audio for Film, Games, Podcasts and other media