Devin Lane


Written, performed, produced, and mixed by Devin Lane

"Bogotá": produced by Stephen Haney and Devin Lane

Steve Hernandez: drums on Bogota, Roof Blues, Switches

Andy Mignano: drums on The Conservatory, Mamita Papita, Blue and Gray

Mastered by Ash Clayton

Full Credits of field recordings and more here

2 real 2 talk (2017) & Real real talk (2016)

Ashley Clayton, Devin Lane, Kellen Morimoto, and Sean Real (composer for 99% Invisible)

Produced by George Rosenthal at The Complex SF

Honey and Zest BY EILEEN TORREZ (2016)

One of two audio engineers and producers for Eileen Torrez's album "Honey and Zest"

Recorded bass and electric guitars using Logic Pro X

Waving to the Sea (2010)

Written for Curtis Road and Christopher Jette's class: Electronic Music Composition with Pro Tools at UC Santa Barbara.

Techniques include granular synthesis, field recordings, foley.