Devin Lane


Written, performed, produced, and mixed by Devin Lane

"Bogotá": produced by Stephen Haney and Devin Lane

Steve Hernandez: drums on Bogota, Roof Blues, Switches

Andy Mignano: drums on The Conservatory, Mamita Papita, Blue and Gray

Mastered by Ash Clayton

Full Credits of field recordings and more here

2 real 2 talk (2017) & Real real talk (2016)

Ashley Clayton, Devin Lane, Kellen Morimoto, and Sean Real (composer for 99% Invisible)

Produced by George Rosenthal at The Complex SF

Waving to the Sea (2010)

Written for Curtis Road and Christopher Jette's class: Electronic Music Composition with Pro Tools at UC Santa Barbara.

Techniques include granular synthesis, field recordings, foley.